Tuesday, October 18, 2011

observations from the pre-dawn


  • Dawn just  gets later and later these days. Why doesn’t 6 a.m.?!


  • Frogs constitute a much higher percentage of casualties on the post-rain roadway than earthworms do. Isn’t that depressing?
  • Mist over a full moon gives a distinctly Pirates of the Caribbean effect to the world…


  • It’s not such a good idea to set out on a pre-dawn jog without premeditating the possible creatures one could come upon. One must be fully prepared to avoid any shapes that could be a badger, a porcupine, or a skunk.
  • It’s an equally bad idea to set out on a pre-dawn jog having premeditated these possibilities. There is a high chance one will want to turn around.
  • The ranchers brought a bunch of cows down from the mountains last weekend, right? So that shape you just dodged was more likely a cow pie than one of the above…


  • One’s awareness of muscular discomfort increases as one’s ability to use the sense of sight decreases.
  • Don’t worry. The clacking you heard on the pavement twenty feet ahead was just a deer. Mountain lions have paws, not hooves… and they approach silently, remember?
  • That black thing that just shot out from under your foot was only your shadow in the moonlight. I promise. See? It’s still there.


  • That hollering to the northwest is just some donkey braying or an insane cow bellowing. Maneating lions live in Tsavo, not Goldendale.
  • Pre-dawn light really doesn’t always make the best pictures (which is why two of the ones posted here were taken during the day). These are the moments when you realize what your eyes and your memory are for.


  1. Awesome pics! My favorite is the 1 and 3 pictures!!!! Very pretty!!

  2. These are great shots!!! I love the fog and haze! The moon is awesome too! Isn't fall a great time for photos?

  3. I LOVE the pictures!!!!



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