Saturday, September 10, 2011



Stepmother: “Well, I see no reason why you can’t go, if you get all your work done—”
Cinderella: “Oh, I will, I promise!”
Stepmother: “—and if you can find something suitable to wear.”
Cinderella: “I’m sure I can. Oh, thank you, Stepmother!” [exit]
Drizella: “Mother! Do you realize what you just said?!”
Stepmother: “Of course. I said if.”
(Cinderella, Disney, 1950)

spring10-PL copy

If. Like Cinderella’s evening was left to the determination of her stepmother, our every move is left to the determination of God. And that can be so ridiculously difficult to understand and obey! It seems like I have to relearn this lesson over and over again. My life isn’t mine; it’s His. Even if I fight to hang onto a nonexistent “control,” it’s still subject to His will. I might as well save myself the energy and let go!


  1. amen amen amen!!!! well said, now if I can just apply it!!! Beautiful photo



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