Thursday, March 17, 2011

triplets times two


Another exciting announcement: My sister’s 4-H ewe, Britta, had her lambs as well—another set of triplets! Unlike Brietta’s triplets, which were all girls, Britta’s are two boys and one girl and graduate in size: tiny, medium, huge! We’re watching them closely because the littlest one hasn’t been quite as energetic as the others, and has what is called “entropion.” This means his lower eyelid is turned under, causing his eyelashes to irritate the eyeball. If this doesn’t correct itself he’ll have to have a penicillin shot directly into the skin beneath the eye. It’s a risky maneuver—not my favorite thing to do! All six lambs will get their BoSe (selenium boost) shots this evening, which should help keep them all energetic.

I haven’t gotten pictures of Britta’s brand-new lambs, but I was able to get some better ones of Brietta’s girls this afternoon. :) (I’m still debating on names for them. Big thanks for all the suggestions!! I’m taking Shakespearean heroines’ names into consideration, having just read Hamlet. Ophelia, Juliet… I need one more but I’m not really familiar with the other plays.)

Anyway, if I didn’t say it before, three lambs are quite difficult to photograph. It’s not so hard to get individual portraits, or even sometimes a pair, but getting all three into the same frame is really hard!


See what I mean? They’re all in the picture… but never all facing the right way. The nice thing about this picture is that they’re lined up oldest to youngest.


You’ve got to feel at least a little sorry for Brietta. Although I don’t know which would be worse—toting three lambs around inside your gut or having to keep track of them once they’re born?!

Okay, now for introductions. (Not sure you can “introduce” nameless lambs, so I’ll just do them in Spanish numerals. That’s what I’m calling them most of the time anyway.)


Meet Numero Uno. At least, I think this is Uno. She and Tres look very, very, very much alike. She definitely has the superior/mature air of an oldest child.


This is Numero Dos. She’s a precocious little imp, and her hilarious personality reminds me of a walking blooper, especially when combined with her little cocked ear.


And finally, little miss Numero Tres. Although, she really isn’t little. All three are close to exactly the same size. Tres is one of the friendliest.

And yes, they are in desperate need of better names…


They’re crazy little things.



  1. awww... Adorable! :-) I love baby farm animals!



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