Monday, March 21, 2011

(cold) and fuzzy

Spring equinox has come and gone. No surprise, then, that the weather has been particularly cold lately… that’s just Goldendale rebellion for you. I was outside in the sunny weather a few days ago, marveling that the lilac branches were already budding with leaves.


Within thirty minutes of when this photograph was taken, a massive front of blue-black clouds came roaring in. This particular bud quickly looked like this:

Honestly. More snow?!

This is where it's nice to find a nice fuzzy kitten (with fuzzier fat feet) to help you warm up. Jane works very nicely for this sort of thing.


If that doesn’t warm you from the inside out, nothing will.

Going back to my recent lamb theme, I now have pictures to share of “the Hobbits” (Britta’s triplets)!

This big boy is Merry. (Specifically, Meriadoc Brandybuck.) Though we weren’t present at the birth, we have elected him oldest because he is, by far, the biggest.


Here’s the assumed second-born, a midsized ewe lamb named Goldilocks. Apparently Goldilocks was some Hobbit in the actual books of The Lord of the Rings, which, sadly, I have not yet read. Maybe someday when I don’t have to read things for grades, I’ll get around to it. My suggestion for this lamb was Rosie, Samwise’s wife, but my sister prefers Goldilocks, though there is absolutely nothing blonde about this lamb. Except the fact that she is a sheep and thus has a sheep’s IQ…?


Finally, this odd little creature is Peregrin Took, or Pippin. He’s the tiny one who has had to overcome a few obstacles, but is now doing well. He’s also the friendliest of the group.

Two of my girls… Rosalind is on the right. Can’t really decide if the other one is Ophelia or Juliet. They look SO much alike!
And the magpies are back. Sigh. At least nicer birds like bluebirds and hummingbirds are on their way back, too…


  1. You take the most beautiful pictures Hallie Jo!
    More snow? Wow!

  2. Spring is so fickle, isn't it? Getting our hopes up with lovely lilac buds and then snatching away our springtime hopes with icy, frozen, dream crushing, shiver inducing cruelty. (Wow. A tad dramatic?) (But really, if there is ever a time for weather related drama, it is now.)
    I can't even imagine the farm fun with all your adorable little lambs! Hope little Pippen is doing better.



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