Wednesday, September 8, 2010

overcast days

The best thing about fall is that it combines crisply sunny Indian Summer splendor (we hope!) with misty, rainy, autumny days. This week has been all the latter.

Mt. Adams seems quite convinced that he's a part of the sky rather than the earth:

Most of the neighborhood irrigation lines have been shut off for the last time this year. Ours were on watering third cutting (and the driveway?) till just a few days ago.

The blackbirds flock around recently harvested wheat fields, and the maturing ducks swim peaceful swamp waters. . . .

The cows, however, have moved across the road for their pasture. Tomorrow we're moving them again before they get antsy. Thirty-six cows go through a lot of land in only a few days!

Lastly, I spent this morning taking macro pictures of mist droplets in the orchardgrass/alfalfa field and other miscellaneous subjects.

So, so tiny, but aren't they so pretty?


  1. Breathtaking, Hallie! God's creation is so magnificent! You captured it beautifully!


  2. Mt. Adams looks so beautiful! And I love the water droplets on the leaves!

  3. Those macros are gor-geous! One day, I will get a macro sure does open up a whole new world, doesn't it?
    Beautiful pictures, Hallie.



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