Monday, August 23, 2010

postage stamps

"Consider the postage stamp:  its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing till it gets there."
~Josh Billings

The fair is over, and I have to admit I was disappointed with my photos. I got a pretty high proportion of red and white ribbons, but no comments from the judge to explain what I could have done better, which was discouraging. From what I understand the photos are judged individually according to the Danish system, but no scorecards were given out. So I guess I'm not going to learn much from my photo experience this year. :(

I was happy to receive two special awards in the 4-H division, though:

"Outstanding Entry" Award

"Top of Show" Award

And I'm way too addicted to photography to be discouraged for long. :) Like the postage stamps--I just have to stick with it till I get there. I'm already looking through the 900+ photos I took in the last week for next year's candidates! Here are a few . . .

Oscar, our kingly kitty, turned eight a couple weeks ago and seems to be taking over Lenny's position very seriously, as you can see by his half-watchful, half-napping position. :)

I took a lot of pictures during the rodeo events at the fair. It's amazing how young some of these kids start rodeoing. They grow up to be amazing cowboys and cowgirls!

Last but not least . . . Old Glory from its best angle: horseback!

Another fair come and gone . . . that doesn't seem possible. We showed our lambs and sold them for $4.50/pound each at the Market Stock Sale.

Just think . . . only 360 days till our next county fair!

(My parents hate that line.)


  1. Hey Hallie-
    I love your photos! They are absolutely beautiful! Keep it up! Who knows maybe one day they'll end up in National Geographic (at the very least- they're good enough!)


  2. Hallie,
    Wonderful pictures!!! Love them all, especially the one of a little cowgirl with her pink rope. Way to cute.




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