Monday, August 16, 2010

over the river

My family had an awesome opportunity this last weekend to go down to the park on the river, have a barbecue with some friends, and go boating. I've been wanting to do that for ages! We spent a lot of the time tubing, which I hadn't done for years. I only got dumped once. :)

I admit I was a little leery of taking my camera in the boat, mostly because I was paranoid of dropping it (ever get that sensation when you feel urged to do the thing you really don't want to do?) but my camera and I both came out of it unharmed and with quite a few pictures. It was a bright, sunny day, but very hazy and the water was a little choppy for tubing.
Below: Look close to the right of the arch on the bridge. Can you see the top of Mt. Hood in the hazy sky?

The water was one of the most entertaining things to take pictures of . . .

We had a blast. :)

Tomorrow I take my 80+ photos in to the fairgrounds so they can be judged. I can't believe it's that time of year already! Just this morning we gave our lambs their final slickshearing, so they're all ready to go. It's going to be one busy week!!


  1. Wow, the water IS beautiful! Loved the pictures! :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love the shots of the water.

  3. I love the pic of Amy eating her burger! That was sure a fun day! :-)



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