Wednesday, March 3, 2010

learning to blog!

I'm finally beginning to catch on to all the ins and outs of blogging, I think. So far I've gotten my gallery of plant photos off to a good start and I'll begin working on my other sections as soon as possible. It would help if I had high-speed internet, but since I don't and probably won't have that any time in the near future, I'm making due with what dial-up can offer.

It looks like spring might be gradually moving in! That means there will be lots of opportunities for more plant photos soon to add to my plant gallery. Fruit tree blossoms, flower gardens and fresh green grass are all just around the corner, and I'll have my camera at the ready!

The plant gallery won't be the only one getting new photos though. The wild birds I enjoy feeding are already beginning to change from their dull winter plumage into bright breeding feathers, particularly the American Goldfinch. Male goldfinches will soon be the vivid yellow of ripe corn, making for excellent photography--if I can get close enough! The new calves and lambs on my farm are also due at any time, so look for updates to the animal gallery as well.

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