Thursday, March 11, 2010

a photo-maniac's dilemma

Okay, so I'm heading to California for the weekend to visit a college in Redding. I've never been to California and even if I had, my mind would just as automatically go to taking pictures. Which presents a dilemma.

Do I take my SLR . . . or my little digital Canon?

My mind flies over every pro and every con. If I take the SLR, I get better pictures. If I take the Canon, I have more packing space. If I take the SLR, I can zoom in further. If I take the Canon, I don't have to carry around twenty pounds of equipment. If I take the SLR, there's always the possibility of it getting stolen. If I take the Canon, the pictures look cheaper, but if I lost it I would have my SLR to come home to, which I use the most anyway. But if that happened I wouldn't have a little Canon to be my guinea pig next time I have the dilemma before me.


So I finally decided to take the Canon. Maybe it's paranoid of me, but I'll be staying in a hotel room the first night and college dorms after that. . . . The SLR would be more satisfying in the way of photography, but at least I have 100% assurance of having it ready to satisfy me in photography for a long time in the future.

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