Sunday, March 20, 2016

happy spring + goals for a new season

 Photos taken at Priest Point Park, Olympia, Washington.

It seems like winter has been eternal this year. If it had been a proper winter, with long stretches of frigid clear days and blankets of snow, I don't think it would have bothered me... but no, it was a western Washington winter, and not only that but the wettest western Washington winter in decades (at least). Rain and gray for months on end has worn me out.

But yesterday and the day before we got just a hint of springtime, with sunshine in patches and temperatures in the 60s. Sam and I hiked at Priest Point Park and strolled through downtown Olympia and worked in the yard and it was like I finally started to break free of a winter-long depressive state. It is time to make things new.

Goals, spring 2016:

- plant a lot of flowers
- get involved in women's ministry at church
- go hiking as many weeks as there's sunshine to do so
- line edit my book
- actively love my church family
- listen to a hermeneutics/Bible lecture every day
- keep doing daily yoga
- balance my eating habits
- get a lot of fresh air and exercise
- get out of my comfort zone

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