Sunday, July 5, 2015

it’s july

But first, a recap from my very absent June… in pictures of course.


I was supposed to be blogging at least twice a week, but that kind of died when my Windows Live Writer software decided to stop letting me login to my Blogger account (miraculously cured today, not sure how) and when I spent five weekends in a row roadtripping all over kingdom come (Ellensburg for my brother’s wedding, three trips to Goldendale for various events, and down to Corvallis to visit my other brother). And now, just like that, it’s July, and I’m not sure what to make of it.

I have been photographing a lot, drinking in mountain sunsets, and rediscovering the joys of riding my horse bareback. I’ve been trying not to roast in this outrageous heat and eating a diet heavy in raspberries from our backyard and of course snuggling Thor and Loki as much as time permits. I have been writing a very little, just enough to keep inspiration burning; everything else has been nitty-gritty business work that I feel pretty incompetent at, but that must be done.

Mt Adams 2Mt Adams 3Mt Adams

I come into July with a craving for community. The busyness of the last few weeks has had me pouring into my relationships with my family, which I love, but has removed me from the scene of my actual church life—which, fragile and young as it is, always seems difficult to wade back into after time away.

I come into July with an even greater craving for communion with Jesus. I have been sorely convicted of my discontentment with His simple call to “abide in Me” recently. But as the world appears to crumble around me, I am beginning to see again that there is no hope in anything but my abiding relationship with Him. My achievements reached in selfish ambition will never prevail, but my surrender at His feet will transcend ages and realms and eternities.

Maybe that will look like blogging more… or less. Maybe it will look like investing more into the lives of the believers around me. I’m guessing it will mean more writing and studying this concept of abiding in Jesus, and I know for certain that it will mean a better prioritization of the role He has given me as a wife to my husband. It will mean laying down the petty comparison game and the “need” to have as much worldly accomplishment to show for my life as those around me, the shifting from a temporal perspective to an eternal one… seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness.

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