Monday, January 5, 2015

some long-promised wedding pictures


It has occurred to me that I promised to post wedding pictures several months ago… and never did. Whoops. Sorry about my tardiness (mostly forgetfulness)!

I hired George Street Photo & Video to document my wedding day. The photographer who did the actual picture taking, Gwyn, was very talented and I enjoyed her work immensely; however, the company itself is rather poorly run in terms of customer service, communication, and workflow. I received all my images either unedited or very poorly edited (not Gwyn’s responsibility at all—the pictures were out of her hands almost immediately), so I actually edited my own wedding pictures in Photoshop after I received the digital files! It’s a good thing I love editing. :)

For example:

Wedding136-5 Wedding136-4 (high res)

^ Probably one of my favorites once I got it all fixed up!

Wedding6 Wedding63 Wedding67 Wedding8  Wedding13 Wedding15Wedding14 Wedding82 Wedding83 Wedding84 Wedding85 Wedding Wedding20 Wedding98 Wedding105 Wedding99 Wedding101 Wedding103 Wedding104 Wedding22 Wedding95 Wedding96 Wedding97 Wedding134 Wedding110 Wedding115 Wedding117 Wedding120 Wedding51Wedding125Wedding58Wedding59 Wedding137 Wedding141 Wedding143 Wedding136-4 (high res)

There you have it, friends! It was a beautiful day, February in Goldendale—almost a year ago already and that seems insane. I’m so thankful for that day, for the covenant vow Sam and I took. For the beautiful pictures I have to remember it by.


  1. so gorgeous. ya'll are the cutest couple. :)

    your editing is amazing as well. It's definitely a really good thing that is a skill you have and love. :)

    Poor picture/editing quality is something I worry about even now when I think about planning my wedding. (Even though I have no idea when or where that will be... I just tend to stress about the possibilities WAY before time. :)

  2. These are so gorgeous!


  3. Oh my goodness these are stunning!!



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