Friday, January 16, 2015




December 31 saw Sam and me driving to Portland to take a red-eye flight to Pittsburgh, stopping over in Minneapolis. For ten days I got to have a reunion with my Pennsylvania family and show my husband around my second home. It snowed, it got down to negative twelve degree wind chills, and we ate Ritchey’s ice cream anyway. Then we kidnapped Hannahstasia when we left and got to spend one extra week with her in Washington. :)

HallisHannahstasia HallisHannahstasia3

It’s funny that in two years I’ve been to PA four times. It seems like less, and yet more. It seems like I’m never there, but when I go back it feels like I’ve never been away. It seems like I’ve known the place and people so much longer and that March of 2013 is far too recent for an attachment so deep.

PA 043 PA50PA

The worst part about leaving is wondering how long it’ll be till I’m back.

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  1. Love that seasonal trio at the end, Hal-J. Super cool.



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