Friday, November 7, 2014



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Though rain pours down every day outside my window, it’s been a long dry spell for words in my heart. I want to write, but it’s just easier not to spend those hours, discouraged, staring at the blank page. It’s easier to decide “to heck with it all” and pretend I never was and never wanted to be a writer. Words come few and hard, with jagged edges like broken glass. They make me stare myself in the eyes and read a mile of silent stories and wonder if anything I’ve done in this short life so far has meant anything bigger than myself.

Because I want it to. I want it all to mean something. I want them to be able to write on my gravestone, “She invested herself in what she knew could change the world.”

… I want Him to be able to say “Well done.”


  1. From viewing you outside of yourself, I know that they will be able to write that or something similar on your gravestone. You work so hard at everything, and these pictures--and your words--are just evidence of that. And I believe that He WILL say “Well done” when He sees you.

    dance a real

  2. Hallie Jo, I've always kind of read your blog from afar and never commented too much or anything, but I'd just like to say that your writing always touches me. Just the words you choose to use. They work. And if you were to bring out a book one day, I'd definitely buy it. And PS: your photography is something I dream of. You capture it all perfectly. And you and your husband are so cute together. And I can see how hard you want to please God and He sees it too. Just wait. Your season is coming. He's still moulding you, this is a learning process. Just hold on to Him.



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