Thursday, October 30, 2014

goals (revisited)


About two and a half months ago, I posted a few of my goals for the rest of this year. I’m a little nervous to go look at them again because I’m pretty sure none are fully accomplished, but several are in progress and sometimes I think that matters more.

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So here goes.


  • build the upper body strength to do pullups and handstands

Okay…. I still can’t do a pullup or a very good handstand. But I can do more pushups than ever before, a pretty solid headstand, and a better cartwheel than ever. And I’ve started practicing a pullover on the bars at the gym where I work, which uses a lot of the same muscles as a pullup would.

  • consistently run at least 5 miles a week

This has taken awhile (mostly out of lack of motivation), but this week already I’ve run half my 5-mile quota, and I’m about to head out and do it again. :) The running itself is really a piece of cake… it’s the getting out the door that’s hard!

  • cut my sugar intake

Haha! I knew this one would be good for a laugh down the road.

  • actually eat like a normal human being so I don’t feel so awful all the time

Here I have had some success! I’ve taken up eating breakfast before working out in the morning, and that has done great things for my strength and stamina. Headaches have fortunately been few and far between. :)


  • create a 2015 photography package and pricing list that is a good fit for my business model

I am accomplishing this as we speak by taking an amazing photo business marketing class online. I’ve already learned more than I ever thought possible in five weeks, and have been carefully crafting a new business model for 2015. :)

  • blog my first Olympia senior portrait session

Done and done well, if I may say so. :)

  • finish my New York Institute of Photography course

This one has been very, very slow. I have a few projects that require very specific models and props that have been hard to come by. Anybody know where I can find a wide-brimmed hat at this time of year? I’m talking like Kentucky Derby wide-brimmed!


  • become less self-sufficient and make a point of seeking out community with other believers and my husband

Sam and I have started going to a really great homegroup for young married people at our church, which has helped this area of my life a lot. I’ve made some new friends and gotten more involved with my new church, and I love it!

  • do an in-depth study of the Biblical timeline of end-times events

I did get my timeline out the other day and cross-referenced everything, but I’m still very confused on one key issue despite poring over commentaries as well as my Bible. Hopefully I’ll reach a conclusion sometime soon.

  • find a role of Bible teaching and disciple-making in my local church—even if it’s informal

Still thinking and praying a lot about this.

  • live with open hands

This will probably be on my goal list for as long as I live. It’s not so much a “new year’s resolution” kind of goal as it is a daily goal, an hourly choice to let go of this illusion of control. But God is patient and good, always.


  1. I love reading about your goals. :) I'm very glad that your headaches haven't been as frequent and that you're making more friends at church. And I'm excited to see your 2015 photography pages!

    btw, right now I am drinking a Nutriblast which has frozen mangoes (I think) + frozen blueberries (I think they're blueberries) + 1 banana + 2 sweet bell peppers. The bell peppers add an interesting taste but it's still good.

    dance a real

  2. this girl I know named Hannah Stern has a wide brimmed sun hat... I don't know how big its supposed to be, but I'd consider it Kentucky Derby style!



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