Saturday, November 23, 2013

winter light



The mornings are pink, like summer rose petals dimming to brushstrokes of baby skin while the sun climbs. The ground is scattered with glittering diamonds that evanesce just when the light catches them. Long blue shadows reach and then recede, while the sun curves up, up, up over the southern horizon in a perfect arc. The evenings are bluish-purple with a splash of red, like half-mixed paint on an artist’s palette; the sun descends next to Mt. Hood, the shadows reach, and the world braces for a night of navy-blue cold.


  1. you have a way of writing that draws one in and enables them to vividly see what you describe. It is so beautiful, and real. and your photography... I may have said it once or twice before, but you are an amazing photographer, and these pictures are stunning. I love the lighting, and I especially love Drem's "pose" in the last one. :)

    Lovely post, Hallie!!



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