Saturday, January 21, 2012

twelve inches


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a foot of snow all at once here—or maybe it hasn’t really been that long, and I only think it has because we only get these heavy snows for approximately one three-hundred-and-sixty-fifth of the year. I’m always on edge when we have these days—not because I don’t like it (I love it!), but because I feel the need to check the temperature every few minutes to make sure it hasn’t risen above 32 degrees.

Because I can so  control these things, you know.


But there is nothing more disappointing than a major snowfall that melts off the same day, leaving nothing but deadness and mud to look at for the rest of the winter. Snow embodies the passage of time to me… I wait for it, then it comes, and then it’s gone until next year. I miss it even when it’s still there, knowing that it won’t be for long.


I guess that’s why I have to take pictures of it. All it takes is a few rays of sunshine, and it vanishes.

Maybe that’s also why I take pictures in general: all it takes is a few minutes, a few days, a flash of years—and life vanishes.


But there is so much to be excited about as I look ahead! I can’t even fathom what amazing things that can happen in just the next few months, the next year… even (yipe!) the next decade. It’s so exciting to think about that I have have an iron grip on Patience to keep from bursting with anticipation!



It’s a fairy land. :)

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