Wednesday, January 4, 2012



I’m going to be eighteen in five days. I used to be horrified at the whole idea, but as it looms nearer I’m starting to accept it… even get excited about it.

One thing is certain: I will never forget my eighteenth birthday celebrations.

You remember my best friend Amanda, right? Well let’s just say she is… amazing. Like, superpower amazing.

Somehow, she managed to organize an entire eighteenth birthday party for me… without giving me the slightest hint. She invited all my very favorite people even though she hasn’t met half of them (yay Facebook). I didn’t suspect anything for one single moment, even though I frequently talk to her and all the other friends who came to the party.

I feel stupid. But I feel loved too. :)


Oh, and one more thing that will help me remember my eighteenth: the awesome plunge with Sam into the 42-degree Columbia River yesterday.

Again, I feel stupid. But I feel very accomplished too. :)


Welcome 2012, and welcome nineteenth year of life.


  1. What lovely pictures, Hallie; and lovely thoughts as well. I pray your have a blessed birthday!


  2. Oh! Well, happy 18th birthday!!!! :D Lovely pictures! Jumping into the river looks fun and exciting ;) I would totally do it! ;D
    God bless!

  3. Wow, isn't it amazing how our perspective changes, the older we get, it's not quite so scary to get another year older. :)
    The plunge sounds like fun!! I've always wanted to, but my mom is horrified with the idea. lol

    Happy 18th, girlfreind!!

  4. Hi Hallie! Your cousin Heidi and I (that would be your cousin-in-law!), have just been combing through your photographs and are blown away by your creativity and style as well as your ability to encapsulate your images with words. You are incredibly talented and we hope you continue to use this gift in such a wonderful way. Keep on clicking!! Blessings from Poulsbo. :)



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