Tuesday, December 13, 2011



The past few days in Goldendale have been very gloomy (in an inspiringly wintery way). A fog rolled in on Friday, turning most of the world a neutral gray. At night, hoarfrost forms on every exposed surface—fuzzy white icicles jutting out of the fence posts, tree branches, and blades of grass like miniature teeth.

It can get pretty dull to see the world in shades of blue, gray, and white for so many days in a row, but at the same time it’s amazing to see everything outlined with a silvery coat.


The horses, however, are bored and not the least impressed with the “silver lining.” They like to chew at the remaining roots of grass in the pasture just to keep occupied, and spend the rest of their time begging over the fence line. It’s not like they’re starving, but they think they are!


I love how you can read so much of a horse’s personality and attitude through its body language—primarily ear and eye language. It’s fun to experiment with capturing some of that personality through photos.


I think the horses should take attitude-adjustment lessons from “Bubba,” the neighbors’ dog. He seemed totally cheerful in spite of the weather—although this picture caught him in a pretty serious moment.

It almost looks like snow…


I think I’d be willing to argue that the very best part of these cold, dreary, frosty winter days is that the chickadees come eat at the bird feeder just outside my window. :)


  1. These...are beautiful photos! Goodness, they are gorgeous! You are so talented. :)

  2. These are just stunning! (as usual!) but the light is perfect and amazing and...wow. just wow!

  3. Amazing! Every. single. one.

    It makes me wish our weather was below 75 degrees! ;)

  4. Wow! I really enjoyed reading this post. Your photographs are beautiful!

  5. Crazy gorgeous, Hallie! I'm jealous.
    All I want for Christmas is a hoarfrost! I've always wanted to photograph a hoarfrost....I've been tempted to take my spray bottle out and coat the pine trees when it's freezing, but somehow I don't think it would have the same effect. :)

  6. I love the picture of Bubba! Do you suppose he's waiting for Grandpa Bob to come back?
    The hoarfrost has been amazing this year, that's for sure. Almost makes up for the gloominess.
    Great pictures!

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous! Such beautiful photos.

  8. Yeah. Um. Wow. These are incredible!!! I love frost & fog images!! You nailed every single one of these. Amazingly beautiful. You are awesome. Love your work. :)



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