Thursday, June 2, 2011



Okay, so not an appealing title… but I bet it  got your attention, didn’t it? Here’s a chill for your spine:


When super-ugly turkey vultures are circling, it means something is dead. I couldn’t resist taking advantage of a marmot that someone hit within a mile of my house to get some authentic wildlife (maybe I should say wild-death) shots.


About half a dozen vultures were drawn in by the marmot corpse, and my presence disturbed them into flight. All but one, that is.


He was mostly oblivious to me, but I took caution anyway to step forward only when he was busy yanking something out of the body. (Is this getting too gory yet?)


Meanwhile, the less courageous birds used the interval to dry their wings, which had been lightly sprinkled on:


I really wish I could have gotten a closer shot of them! One little noise, though, and the whole flock launched into the sky.


Alright, alright. I’m done. But I really couldn’t resist—the pictures turned out way better than I expected. Here’s a nice, happy, springy picture to settle your stomachs now:


So tell me… can you appreciate my strange subject matter? Or did I completely destroy everyone’s confidence in me?? :)


  1. Yeah, I would sure say your title got my attention alright =)
    Hey by the way thanks for the birthday comment on my blog! It was such a pleasant surprise to get it! It for sure made my week <3 thanks!

  2. I was curious on what the title was all about, but I eventually found out. :)

    Those are pretty good pictures actually. Good job! ;)

  3. think this is bad? My hubby used to collect roadkill to dissect it! (I banned him from doing it until we have a garage when we got married!!!)

    Great photos. Even if it's an ugly bird it's still cool and I'd like to see one in the wild.

  4. These are some pretty cool photos, but I've gotta say, those are certainly some of the ugliest birds ever!

  5. wow you're such a talented photographer. these are incredibly rough but at the same time beautiful in their own way. love your blog!

    What's enough for a happy living?

  6. I just spotted your blog while blog hopping and although the title is kinda gross...the photos are beautiful. So glad I spotted you and I look forward to seeing more. Love the first shot.

  7. Wow! Some pretty cool photos you have there =)
    I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my blog. Everytime you comment on my blog it makes my day so much! I truly don't know why! But I enjoy your comments =) So I just wanted to say thanks for it on my stuff, it means a lot to have someone like you comment <3
    Thanks! God bless.

  8. Those are pretty cool photos! Amazing that he was so comfortable with you documenting him during his lunch. Who knew that roadkill and turkey vultures could be so photogenic! Love it!



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