Saturday, June 18, 2011



Forever is a long, long, long time. Isn’t it funny how we can’t imagine eternity—endlessness—and yet neither can we imagine ending and being nonexistent? Or, at least, I can’t. I can’t imagine being completely senseless to the universe, but I can’t imagine living forever and ever either.

I’m sure glad God can. And I’m so glad God loves me enough to want to share His eternity with me! Does it ever hit you how utterly unfathomable that love is? His Son died on the cross for my sin. That’s like… me giving my life for the ants in an anthill just because I love them that much.


Excuse me while I work through this massive brain-glitch shutdown.

All I can say is … how great is our God!
Tiger5 copy


  1. LOve your words, today! and waht a perfect shot with that butterfly!

  2. Beautiful! I often have the "forever" discussion with my students, as our minds can't comprehend. Thank God for working faith in us so we can take forever on faith and rejoice in our eternity in heaven!

  3. Beautiful photo accompanied by an amazing verse! Love it!

  4. Beautiful is right...You took the words right out of my mouth! I am the same way! I have to really think about what Jesus did for us on the cross and it makes me so amazed! Yes, and same here, the only thing I can say is how Great our God is! Wonderful post!

  5. And a big AMEN to His unending and unimaginable love for us! Beautiful photo and great choice of scripture!

  6. There is no greater love than this!! There's no measuring it ... how amazing it will be to live IN that deep, unfathomable love ..... forever! Beautiful word, and image! :)



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