Friday, August 15, 2014

a thor and loki update


Loki Thor

I can’t believe they grow as fast as they do. Thor is now 4-1/2 months old and Loki is 3-1/2. They’re both up to date on all vet visits except a booster shot for Loki and a microchip for Thor. As their portraits denote, Loki’s personality gets ever crazier (he can sometimes be found entertaining himself by running around in circles on our bed, pouncing on wrinkles in the comforter) and Thor, ever mellower and fluffier (my favorite thing is watching him try to clean his tail. It’s getting so big and fluffy that he has to really wrestle with it). True to kitty nature their naps extend longer and longer every day that they get older, but they still get the big-eyed bursts of energy every night when the house cools down.

Currently they are only allowed outdoors for short, supervised periods of time. They recently acquired breakaway collars for when their outside time increases (which for the furniture’s sake needs to be soon!). They are both well aware that jumping on the dining room table and kitchen counters is off limits, but they are both perfectly happy to do it anyway regardless of the punishment. Favorite toys include the rolly-balls with bells inside them and of course their playhouse, which they routinely destroy; they also enjoy doing battle with anything that resembles a box or paper bag.

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha...that was awesome. They sound so hilarious.

    dance a real



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