Friday, October 18, 2013

hannah elise (part two)



(You can find Part One of Hannah’s senior photo shoot here.)

This is my sister. Two and a half years younger than me, brilliant, beautiful—though she’d call me a liar for saying so. My favorite posts on her blog are her “little letters” because they always make me laugh, just like she does. She’s writing a novel that I’m dying to read, but she says not till it’s done. She’s my original and forever best friend, the only person anywhere who knows and relates to every fiber of my strange personality—from the movie quoting to the imaginary friends to the perfectionism to the childishness I still possess.

Go check out her blog. Maybe I’m biased, but she’s pretty cool.


  1. She is very much very beautiful.

  2. She is gorgeous, and we shall just have to keep telling her that until she believes us. :)

    These are beautiful, Hallie!! and I love her little letter's too. ;) She is great fun.

  3. Beautiful pics of a beautiful girl!

  4. You are very sweet, Hallie, and all the rest of you are too :)

    The photoshoot was fun. And I still think you should have included the creepy one.



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