Sunday, June 16, 2013

camp, week one



I just finished week one of counseling at summer camp. It was a week of living outside my comfort zone and finding out that I actually enjoyed that. It was a week of pouring all that I could into twelve high school girls, each of them struggling and hurting in a different way. It was a week of heartbreak for their pain and joy in their enjoyment. But I think what hit me most was that this was a week of answered prayers. Never have I seen God’s hand move so clearly and awesomely in response to the pleas of His children. So many times I cried out to Him, and so many times I received a response that blew my mind. There were even moments when I honestly didn’t know what or how to pray, but the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart and gave me the words.

I had a short weekend to rest and recuperate and I head back out to the frontlines tonight for another week, this time with junior high kids. I’m so excited for what God is going to do!

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