Monday, April 1, 2013

what a beautiful life



I’ve been so overwhelmed lately by the blessings God has showered on me. Just in the past week, so many beautiful things have happened through no merit of my own whatsoever. For example, I can walk again on both feet now—no crutches! Furthermore, I got to spend Resurrection weekend working and playing alongside many beloved members of my church family. I had opportunities to build up and encourage my classmates, as well as receiving encouragement from them in return; several other times, God blessed me with much-needed counsel from the mentors He’s put in my life as a GCBI student. My senses have been sharper than ever to the beauty of the Florida landscape around me (flat though it may be), and I’m so excited to return to class this week and learn more about my Lord from His living Word! Not to mention that I got a few surprise phone calls from my man back home, which I brought a smile to my face every time. :)

I am so excited about this life I’ve been given. Lord, You are so good to me, and I live to serve You.

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