Sunday, March 10, 2013

a change of scene and society



The trees are different here. Totally unlike Florida’s, obviously—too thin and bare and wintry, with far too little underbrush. And also quite unlike Washington’s. We don’t have many deciduous forests in the Evergreen State. I kind of wish we did.


We also lack the picturesque dairy farms—Washington cattle ranches have completely different functions and thus completely different forms. But some things about this place are the same. Like the thick sprinkling of stars in the northern sky, or the pungent springtime scent of thawing cow manure and composting fields—both of which Florida is sadly without.


This is a place of square brick houses and quaint towns set into woodsy hillsides overlooking valleys of cornfields. This is a place where seeing a horse and buggy jogging down the road is no less usual than seeing a car. This is a place where every few miles you cross into a new “township”—a term I didn’t even know existed.


This is Pennsylvania, a place I’m interested in getting to know better. :)


  1. It's gorgeous! I love the beautiful group of red barns and silos.
    I visited a friend in Indiana a few years ago, and it was so fun to hear the sound of a horse and buggy clip clopping down the road.
    Beautiful pictures, HJ.

  2. I love her house :) And I wish I could see all the horses and buggies!!! Last year I learned what townships were in Government, but can't remember anymore.... :P

  3. Gah, it's beautiful! These are lovely, Hallie. The farms look fascinating! :)



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