Saturday, April 7, 2012



Spend a little time with me, and you learn that I love Pepsi. I’m not an all-out Pepsi addict or anything, but when I crave Pepsi… it can be severe. If you can believe it, my Pepsi cravings are often even more maddeningly insatiable than my chocolate cravings.


And Pepsi… in a glass bottle… with one of those awesome metal caps… given to me as a commemoration of a momentous day? Even better.


I guess Coke can suffice when absolutely necessary… but there’s nothing like a nice cold, fizzy Pepsi. That said, I can’t resist asking you the #2 cheesiest personality-test question (second only to “what is your favorite color?”)… What about you? Coke or Pepsi?



  1. Diet Coke! Anytime, anywhere, and in vast quantities! :)

  2. I don't like either, actually! I'm a Dr. Pepper girl all the way!! :)

  3. i'm not much for either one. i love dr. pepper, and i LOVE love love Pineapple Fanta, although I haven't been able to find it in the States, unfortunately.

  4. These are really cool pictures! I love doing product's so much fun. :) I don't really drink pop.... so neither coke nor pepsi will suffice. Give me a good V8 vegetable juice or a Mango Naked juice and I'm good!



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